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Affiliation No.:2132945
School Code.:61186

Covid-19 Guidelines

Covid Behaviour guidelines to be strictly followed-

  1. Wearing Mask by everyone is mandatory.
  2. All places Sanitizer, near the main gate proper checking at the entry gate and social distancing is mandatory.
  3. Class teachers need to be in the class rooms before the arrival of students. 3- Staff not having RTPCR must remain on leave.
  4. Parents Consent Form is mandatory for the permission of kids to school.
  5. New teachers must be guided well in advance with the role and responsibilities by Academic Head.
  6. Online Revision classes will run simultaneously with offline classes.
  7. Attention - Nurse , PTI's and Non Class Teachers must be near the gate to receive children.
  8. No two staff to be found standing or sitting together inside school premises. Do follow the instructions. Principal

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