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“Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher”

In this section more emphasis is put on “Learning by Doing”. At this stage the child wants to learn everything practically. So in every subject teachers bring special material like videos related to the topics, online learning is taken into practice, to improve speaking skills students are provided with English Language Lab. Digital Library has the collection of 90,000 books. Books of every subject are provided for students.

To inculcate the Moral Values in students special assemblies are organised. In these assemblies different festivals , Special Days , Special Utsavs , Investiture Ceremony are included. In assembly students stand House wise which teach the students how a senior should take care of a junior and juniors learn how to respect their seniors. Considering the overall development of a child different activities daily morning prayer continue with latest News updates, pledge for walking on the right path and National Anthem are in practice regularly.

In today’s world a child should have the feeling of competition to come forward in all the fields. To enhance this quality different activities are organised for eg. Inter House Competitions, Inter Class competitions, Quiz based on GK and Social Studies, Handwriting Competitions, Spell- Bee competition, Solo Song Competition, Kavi Sammelan etc.

In sports they are facilitated with different games Cricket, Swimming, Volley Ball, Karate, Skating, Indoor games like Carom, Chess, Table Tennis. Special coaches are appointed to train each student.

Every student tries to give his best if he is encouraged by the teacher, so to encourage them class teachers select one child as a “Best Child of The Week” and if the child continuously shows improvement in studies then he gets the award of “The Best Child of The Month”. To grace the student a special Badge is given to the student in the assembly, so that he can inspire other students to improve.

“Children have to be educated, but they have also to be left to educate themselves.”

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