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Affiliation No.:2132945
School Code.:61186


Doon Public School believes that success of an educational institution should be measured by the value it adds to each individual. The School’s academics goals are as follows:

  1. To qualify every student to enter in good colleges & universities.
  2. To generate excitement for lifelong learning.
  3. To train students in logical reasoning and critical thinking.
  4. To empower learners through technology-based education.
  5. To prepare students to be able to sustain intellectual efforts for long periods.

School’s non-academic goals are to teach students to:

  1. Participate in extracurricular activities & community work.
  2. Uphold High standards of ethical, moral & civic conduct.
  3. Understand the people of the world through an appreciation of differences as well as similarities.
  4. Make informed decision on social issues.
  5. Foster tolerance, cooperation & team work.
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